Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MatchDate?

    MatchDate is a dating site. The site has a search system to find members in its area and a private messaging system.

  • Is the site free?

    Yes, the site is 100% free and funded by the ad. However, if you wish you can pay a subscription to withdraw the advertising and also financially help MatchDate.

  • What is a warning?

    If you break a rule a member of the site staff will moderate you. Depending on the severity of your act the site will add a warning or not in percent. Each member starts with 0%, if from your bad behavior you reach 100%, you will be automatically banned.

    In the case of a serious event a direct ban will be made.

    It is not possible to know how much its warning percentage is to avoid any calculation.

  • How to recognize a member of the Staff / Site Team

    The staff members are in orange. They are volunteer members who help to manage the site by helping members or by moderating the comments, photos and other post on the forum not respecting the rules.

    Do not add staff members as a friend or comment on a staff member's photos for problems with the site. To do this create a topic in the complaint section.